Tempe Bars

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When everyone is sleeping tightly, he, Munir, a tempe maker is preparing for a long journey: walking for about two hours to reach where he could get pennies. His feet are the only vehicle he could afford and rely on. Therefore, the only thing that he can compromise is time. He manages to start earlier to make sure he gets his place empty when he arrived there, in Peterongan Market.

His slippers are getting thinner and thinner every day because they must fight against the hard concrete of the pavement. His shoulders look strong lifting two big boxes full of bars of tempe. As he gets in at his lapak, a simple place on the pavement around the market, he begins to arrange his tempe on the floor. A hundred bars of tempe are ready to sell. They looked pale yet hard, ready be a breakfast menu.

Terribly tired, he still manages to offer his tempe to anyone who passes by. Some of his costumers come several minutes after his coming and soon after that they bring teens bars of tempe. Pennies are fillingg his empty wallet. Sometimes, some mothers pass by and decidede to get some bars of tempe too. He is always smiling and showing his gratitude to them.

The sun is now passing the horizon, the costumers start to leave the market and the traffict is getting crowded. Munir is ready to come home and then starts to make another bars of tempe. Though the peenies he has collected was no too big to fulfill his daily need, tempe was still the source of his life. He never stops to thank God for what he gets.

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