I wonder if ...

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I am about to picture your smiley face, my Dear...
But a thick haze blurs it away...
I am about to hear you whisper my name, my Dear...
But drizzle of booms are pounding in the sky...
I am sitting in this silent peaceful place, my Dear...
But my heart clings on you facing the war far away....

The time is ticking so slowly, as if it is gonna stop at any time.
So is my heart beat.
I wonder which of your skin wounded,
I wonder which of your bones broken,
I wonder which of your body bled,
I wonder ...

I don't know what that man behind you are doing,
treating troops like dogs,
shouting at them to kill,
then burning them like trash.

How couldn't they hear millions wifes crying?
How couldn't they see millions babies suffering?

My Dear,
I've forgot sweet taste,
I've forgot colourful rainbow,
because everything is now gray and tasteless.

I wonder....
If it turns into dark or light,
sweet or bitter,
When you finally see me on a very day of my life.

Thinking in cold
Saturday, November 24 2012

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