A Question of Honesty

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That evening, I was so hungry that I couldn't stand on my own feet. With these trembling feet, I tried to walk searching for something to eat. What a lucky day, I saw an old broken pipe that I thought would worth some cents. I picked it and imagining that i would get at least a small piece of bread. I just smelled the bread... Suddenly, a big group of guards ran after me and yelling "THIEF...THIEF". My trembling feet didn't allow me to move even just a foot. They drugged me to the jail... In this cold humid jail, I stayed for months, couldn't do anything. I was ignored, no trial, but the guards were always around. I thought, I should do something to get out of this jail.
When a guard was passing by the jail, I asked him to allow me to meet The King because I have a rare treasure to be given. Then finally I was allowed... "Your Majesty, I have a rare treasure that I am sure it should be given to no one but you." I said. "What is that, Prisoner?", the King asked. "This is an apple seed. This is rare apple seed because when it grows up, it will give you golden apples." "Really? That's very kind of you, for a such thief." "But because it is so rare, this seed should be planted by a person who never steal, lie or cheat. I believe Your Majesty is a wise person who could plant this seed." "No no no no.... I can not plant the seed. When I was a child, i stole my mother's golden coins. You can ask the Royal General." The King asked to ask the Royal General. Then I went to the Royal General. "The Royal General, you are the most brave person in the Kingdom, I believe you can plant this golden apple seed." "No no no no ... I can't. In the last war, I left my soldier in the battle field and I took some of their salary. You can ask The Royal Supervisor, he is the only wise person who guide the King." Even the Royal General didn't want to. Then I went to the Royal Supervisor. "The Royal Supervisor, a wise man like you must be the only one who can plant this golden apple seed." "No no no no ....I can't. I hid many problems from society to keep them silent and to maintain the good name of the King. But of course you can asked the Supreme Judge. He is the one who stand the law." At last, I came to the Supreme Judge. "The honorable Supreme Judge, the most wise and fair person in the Kingdom, I believe you are the one who can plant this golden apple seed." "No no no no.... I accepted money to set someone free in the last trial. I was in a bribery case too." And that was the last straw... "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...." I was laughing so loudly till cry. Then I said, "What a funny Kingdom we are in, All of you had done many many many mistakes. You lied, cheated, bribed, corrupted, and stole but NONE OF YOU go to jail. While me, an old poor man, was jailed for taking and old broken pipe laying on the street." Adapted from "Bed Time Stories" by Black Sakura May 10, 2012

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